Development halted. Table is in working state, but you should construct auth request manualy (look at radius_create_req() function in dict_radius.c).

[TXT] [TXT] dict_radius.c [TXT] dict_radius.h [TXT] dictionary.sandy [TXT] radius_vs_sandy.h [TXT] radlib.c.patch [TXT] sample-cfg.radius [TXT] sandyattr.txt

RADIUS lookup table for Postfix

-----		- patched src/util/ (for Postfix 2.0.15)
README			- this file
dict_radius.c		- dict_radius source
dict_radius.h		- dict_radius header file
dictionary.sandy	- RADIUS server dictionary for Sandy attributes
radius_vs_sandy.h	- Sandy header file
radlib.c.patch		- patch for FreeBSD libradius to remove password field require
sample-cfg.radius	- sample config for radius lookup table
sandyattr.txt		- document for "SANDY RADIUS Attributes for Mail Authorization
					and Authentication"

How to install

dict_radius (c) Andrew I. Baznikin (dikiy at scn dot ru)
Sandy (c) Vladimir Dubrovin (vlad at sandy dot ru) AKA 3APA3A