PAM lookup table for Postfix

Patch to add PAM lookup table to Postfix.


  • 15.11.2005 Xie Yanbo (xieyanbo at send me corrected patch which reflect changes in Postfix 2.2.5 (dict_pam is unchanged but it plugged in mail_dict.c insteed of dict_open.c and corrected depencies in Check it first.
  • 28.04.2003 Changes in converse rolled back; dict_pam_lookup now set "temporary lookup failure" for some PAM errors
  • 25.04.2003 Function converse cut down to bare minimum
  • 24.04.2003 Cleaned up patches for FreeBSD ports collection
  • 21.04.2003 Initial version

PAM map type for Postfix.

Written by Andrew I Baznikin , JSC ISP "Tel", Russia.

In order to build postfix with PAM map support, you will need to add
-DHAS_PAM and the libpam library to AUXLIBS, for example:

make -f Makefile.init makefiles \
 'AUXLIBS=-L/usr/lib -lpam'

then, just run 'make'.

Once postfix is built with PAM map support, you can specify a map type
in like this:

local_recipient_maps = pam:smtpcheck

In this example 'smtpcheck' is service name, applicant is e-mail address of recipient.
Facility is always "auth". See pam(8) for details.

Add some lines to /etc/pam.conf (or /etc/pam.d/) :
 #smtpcheck	auth	sufficient		debug try_first_pass
 #smtpcheck	auth	sufficient		debug try_first_pass
 smtpcheck	auth	sufficient		debug try_first_pass
 smtpcheck	auth	required		debug try_first_pass

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