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Zerba (0.93)

Zebra# conf t Zerba(config)# no banner motd


Add in named.conf : options { hostname="" version="" ... } PS: nmap now detect it as Bind 4.X :)

WU-FTPD (default on FreeBSD)

Add "-h" option to startup parameters: ftp stream tcp nowait root /usr/libexec/ftpd ftpd -l -h


Version consists of two parts : base and addendum. Base can be changed only in sources (SSH_VERSION_BASE in version.h). Addendum can be changed via sshd_config: VersionAddendum ""

ProFTPD (1.2.0pre2 and later)

ServerIdent off|on [identification string]
ServerIdent off -OR- ServerIdent on "Fake version"


Where is no way to do it via config files (at least in 2.5.STABLE7). Check out patch to do so.


To disable version information on server-generated error pages: ServerSignature Off To reduce information in server response headers to bare minimum: ServerTokens Prod