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    28 august 2006
    Two pictures, for no reason.

    Roma VS water melon - I can't upload it for a long time becouse of my oblivion

    Acid water into your bathroom - secrect technic of home kung-fu

    15 august 2005
    At 1st september 2005 we, me and Kate, will marry each other. You applaud upright.
    13 august 2005
    Yess! I catch up my first geocaching cache! With guys from "Komok" gazette we found cache TR525 (I pick CD with maps of Ergaki (Sayan mountains) in exchange of mini-USB cable from my camera). It was wonderful!
    12 may 2005
    On first weekend of may we have a trip to Irkutsk. End of story. Few fotos.
    22 april 2005
    I wanted to write preprocessor for ipfw for a long time, which allow to use labels in skipto directives. Did it. If somebody knows, how to do it usin CPP preprocessor, let me know.
    20 april 2005
    Startup script for Oracle in NetBSD (and FreeBSD) rc.subr style.
    19 april 2005
    Special for OPb
    18 april 2005
    Yesterday we drink tasty vodka on Roma's BD-party. He demonstrate right way to order guests - he directly tell every guest, which present he need .) I'll remember and do so .) Also - good bye, Google ads!
    8 april 2005
    today i played world of warcraft in my dreams...
    29 march 2005
    I drive by bus yesterday, and suddenly I feel myself like that bus drive into tayga. After some time I understand, why I'm feeling myself like it. There are smell very close to "DETA" - old soviet repellent, used very wide.
    10 march 2005
    brj shows me new funny thing- audioscrobbler.com. Plugin for your audio-layer of choice collect info music you are listening. Cool!
    14 december 2004
    In my campus, we fight "Againist Vypress chat! For IRC!". For this purposes I write little Perl-script flood-vypress-nemesis.pl. Script forms faked Vypress packets ("user enters chanel") and send it over network using nemesis. If packets generated with delay 0.25 sec, Windows 2000 Server (with Vypress running) hangs in a few seconds.
    Delay about 5 seconds is enougth to make chatting difficult, but possible to propagand modern technologes like IRC :)
    25 november 2004
    I've got new phone - Motorola V180. I won it in SMS victorina 8-o
    Recently I connect it to FreeBSD as a modem device:
    # kldload ucom
    # kldload umodem
    # cu -l /dev/ucom0
    and we can see it answer on AT-commands.
    23 november 2004
    I forgot something in my desk...
    17 november 2004
    Another funny photo. I did it somewhere in Moscow, near center, I suppose .)
    10 november 2004
    We're drink all week-end long. Marriage and birthday, all at once. I bought stative, so now I could photo at low light volume.
    29 october 2004
    Kate and The Hole. Shooted somewhere in SPb.
    20 october 2004
    New recycle bin with soft ears settle in my flat in WC. Kate sad she touch its ears every time she visit that place. I'm doing so too.
    17 october 2004
    Yes, redisign. Re-engining, at most.

    Sorry, older 'news' in Russian only.. Maybe later I'll translate it. If you notice any unproper English spellin or wrong sentences or smth. else, please let me know :)